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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update for RELEASE 22

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Update Notes for Release 22P
09/20/2018 : This update corrects the year on the name of the PDF files created in the Audit Program Generator.
09/05/2018 : This update provides the remainder of the revised compliance program files for the audit program generator. All of the compliance programs have now been updated with the information from the April 2018 compliance supplement.
08/23/2018 : There is a revised Excel example GASB 75 worksheet and a revised Excel GASB 75 worksheet placed in the installation folder.
08/13/2018 : This update replaces a crucial file in the COMMON folder for posting the GASB 75 adjustments to the fund to government wide worksheet. This will NOT change any data you have already entered into the GASB 75 Entry Screen. There are also more revised compliance programs for the Audit Program Compliance Programs including the new program for Title IV Part A added with the 2018 supplement.
07/18/2018 : This update includes the revisions using the April 2018 compliance supplement and the April 2017 supplement for Title 1, Career and Technology, Migrant, and the Generic Compliance Programs. There is also a revised worksheet for GASB 68 Adjustments and one for GASB 75 Adjustments which will be placed in the folder where your application is saved.
07/11/2018 : This update corrects the reference to column numbers on the GASB 75 Entry Screen and the Report of that Data. The tables from TRS had several columns where numbers are not provided. The revised Compliance program for the School Lunch and Breakfast Cluster is also provided for Releases A and P.
06/15/2018 : This update corrects the description in the RSI schedules for TRS Pensions and OPEBs to read "Covered Payroll" rather than "Covered-Employee Payroll" as per GASB 85. The Crosscutting Section and the Title 1 compliance programs have been updated as per the April 2018 Compliance Supplement. The OPEB and Pension Notes have been updated and added to the notes to the financial statements. The RSI note example has been added to the AUDLEA Instruction Manual.