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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 22

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Update Notes for Release 22B
09/17/2018 : This update revises the routine in the GASB 75 Data Entry Screen to create the adjusting entry to credit expenses and debit revenues if the district's proportionate share of the state's proportionate share of pension expense is entered as a negative number. The instructions to enter this on-behalf as a positive number even though it is a negative number this year has been removed. A document is placed in your AUDLEA18 data folder explaining GASB's Guidance on this matter. There is also a routine in the GASB 34 Exhibits under the Government Wide menu option to print the suggested note to be added to your Notes to the Financial Statements which shows the impact of this on the grants and contributions on Exhibit B-1.
09/09/2018 : This update revises the routine in the GASB 75 Data Entry Screen to create the adjusting entry to credit expenses and debit revenues if the district's proportionate share of the state's proportionate share of pension expense is entered as a negative number. We are still trying to confirm with TRS that this is indeed how they want this to be treated. If you ignore the negative sign when entering this amount in the data entry screen, the entry will credit revenues and debit expenses.
08/30/2018 : This update corrects the printing of the page numbers on Exhibits C2 and C4.
08/29/2018 : This update revises the footnote to the four-column only report for the District's Contributions to the TRS Pension (G7) changing the reference to three years of data to four years of data. The description of the Deferred Outflow Related to TRS OPEB has been revised to remove the word "Resource" on Exhibit A-1.
08/23/2018 : This update adds print routines for the RSI TRS schedules for the District Contributions printing four columns on one page, or for the OPEB Schedule one, two, three, or four columns according to the number of columns of data you have. There is a small change to the Pension note correcting the 2017 contribution rate. We have also added a line to the print out of the GASB 75 input screen showing the calculated amount for the district's share of the 2018 State Supplemental Appropriation. There is also a revised Example GASB 75 worksheet and a GASB 75 worksheet in Excel placed in your installation folder.

08/15/2018 : This update places a revised version of the OPEB note and of the sample NOTES to the Financial Statements in your Common folder for AUDIT-L.E.A. The OPEB note had to be revised as the TRS sample was not exactly correct.
08/13/2018 : This update replaces a crucial file in the COMMON folder for posting the GASB 75 adjustments to the fund to government wide worksheet. This will NOT change any data you have already entered into the GASB 75 Entry Screen. There are also more revised compliance programs for the Audit Program Compliance Programs including the new program for Title IV Part A added with the 2018 supplement.
07/20/2018 : This update corrects the printout of the GASB 68 adjustments from the GASB 68 screen so that the total in Inflows column in the first table on Deferred Resource Flows prints correctly.
07/18/2018 : This update corrects one of the adjusting entry calculations for the GASB 68 adjusting entries. The formula calculating the sum of the effect of the adjustment in Column 5 plus any differences between what the district reported as contributing in items B2 and B3 and the total contribution reported by TRS in Column 4. A reminder to enter the adjustment (col. 5) with the Sign but enter the contribution as a positive has been added to the screen. I also includes a revised worksheet for GASB 68 Adjustments and one for GASB 75 Adjustments which will be placed in the folder where your application is saved. For Release 22A there are four revised compliance programs - Title 1, Career and Technology, Migrant and the generic program.
07/11/2018 : This update corrects the reference to column numbers on the GASB 75 Entry Screen and the Report of that Data. The tables from TRS had several columns where numbers are not provided. The revised Compliance program for the School Lunch and Breakfast Cluster is also provided for Releases A and P.
07/04/2018 : This update adds an Auto Adjustment routine to create an adjusting entry for the trial balance file which records to fund 199 object code 6144 the district's proportionate share of the supplemental appropriation paid to the TRS OPEB plan by the State during the district's current FY. The expenditure amounts are allocated by function using the functional distribution of the 6144 amounts in the trial balance file. An entry is also made to 199 5831. There is also an additional adjustment in the GASB 75 adjustments for the government wide statements which removes these amount from 5800 and expenses as these are NOT reported in the government wide statement.

We have also added documents in the documents routine in the Report generator for the OPEB Note and for the Pension Note as separate files for your convenience. These are also still included in the example notes.

The On Behalf Allocation Worksheet no longer adds rows for removing the on-behalf payments from the grant revenue worksheet and the TRS amounts are no longer imported into this worksheet from your trial balance file. Since all of the on-behalf payments can not be reported in the government wide, rows 191 and 192 should NOT appear in the Grant Revenue worksheet.
06/15/2018 : This update corrects the description in the RSI schedules for TRS Pensions and OPEBs to read "Covered Payroll" rather than "Covered-Employee Payroll" as per GASB 85. The Crosscutting Section and the Title 1 compliance programs have been updated as per the April 2018 Compliance Supplement. The OPEB and Pension Notes have been updated and added to the notes to the financial statements. The RSI note example has been added to the AUDLEA Instruction Manual.
05/23/2018 : This update adds code to calculate the student count for the MOE Record file if that field was not included in the prior year MOE Record File. This information is imported when you import the prior year trial balance data from your data files from AUDIT-L.E.A. for 2017.
05/21/2018 : This update corrects the reference to the lines on the SOF for the MOE test for IDEA B. These have changed this year to lines 30, 39 and 40. There is also a correction in the password for installing updates in the About screen for Release 22A.
05/05/2018 : Based on some updated information from TRS the routine for the GASB75 adjusting entries has been revised. There is also a new Excel worksheet for the GASB 75 adjustments. The official information has not yet been released from TRS. When it is further revisions may be necessary.
05/04/2018 : This update corrects the import routine bringing the total reported under GASB 24 in the On-Behalf Allocation Worksheet into the grant revenue worksheet.
04/25/2018 : This update revises the descriptions on the print routine for printing the data which has been entered into the GASB 75 Data Entry Screen.
04/22/2018 : This update revises the GASB 75 Entry Screen and adjusting entries due to updated information from TRS. NOTE: The Final version of their worksheets are not yet available so there may be additional updates necessary.