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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 21B
07/12/2018 : This update corrects the underline after the Prior Period Adjustment on the fifth column of Exhibit H-4. This applies only to the form of this exhibit which prints data for four proprietary funds plus the total in either combining Statement H-4 or H-7.
01/20/2018 : This update corrects the routine importing data from Exhibit D-2 to the GW Statement of Activities so that Transfers In (7958) and Transfers Out (8911) are netted for the amount imported into the GW Statement of Activities data file.
01/10/2018 : This update amends the routine to create the new indirect cost information files so that the routine works even if there are no funds beginning with a "2", "3" or "4". There is also a correction to the GASB 68 Entry screen so that the adjustments for the On-Behalf allocations uses the 6144 percentages rather than the 6146 to be consistent with the grant revenue allocation worksheet. If you have already completed your report I would not redo the GASB 68 adjusting entries as this difference is certain to be insignificant.
01/08/2018 : This update adds a new routine to the REPORTS option in Trial Balance to extract the information needed by the school districts to apply for their indirect cost rate for next year. The deadline for applying is 1/26/18 and the application workbook from T.E.A. HAS BEEN CHANGED. This routine will extract the required "additional" information from the trial balance files for three years.
01/03/2018 : This update corrects the fiscal year on the printed Indirect Cost Calculation Worksheet
12/14/2017 : This update provides a Correct Rounding Routine in the data file for the Government Wide Statement of Activities to correct the rounding error in the Grants column. The routine importing information from the Allocation of On-Behalf Payments screen into the Grant Revenue Worksheet has also been revised to correct the rounding error BEFORE it is imported into the Grant Revenue Worksheet.
12/01/2017 : This update moves the Exhibit Number higher than the District Name on some of the Budget Comparison Forms and on the RSI Exhibits Related to TRS.
11/30/2017 : This update corrects an error in the IDEA B MOE routine. There was a rounding error causing the calculation of the amount deficient and determining non-compliance when all four deficiency items were equal.
11/24/2017 : This update changes the format of the SEFA - Exhibit K-1 - so that the $ sign appears only on the first row of data reported and again only in the Total Expenditures of Federal Awards row.
11/21/2017 : This update corrects the password for the previous update file for Release 21 B for AUDIT-L.E.A.
11/16/2017 : This update renames the column headings for Exhibit G6 - The Schedule of the District's Proportionate Share of the Net Pension Liability so that both the FY and the Plan Year are included in the column heading. If you have already produced your report there is no need to change this. This was suggested by one of you to make it more clear to the reader that the data in that exhibit is for the measurement period of the plan, not from the district data for the FY.
11/01/2017 : This update corrects the calculation of the adjusting entries for entry number 8 in the GASB 68 Adjustments. This error only occurred if the expenses were to be credited rather than debited.
10/10/2017 : This update corrects the font size in the third column on the first page of Exhibit H2 when there are four columns on the page.
09/28/2017 : This update makes changes in the Planning Materiality Report due to changes in the PPC guidelines. There is also a correction in the Report Generator to prevent an error sometimes received when posting the GASB68 entries to the GASB Adjustments file. The error resulted in a "duplication in the primary key". The updated compliance programs for Career and Technology and Migrant Workers are also included.
09/17/2017 : This update corrects an error in printing the second page of Exhibit H2. The expenditures were not calculating correctly. This patch INCLUDES the changes in the last patch which was made available on 9/14 and was VERY IMPORTANT.
09/13/2017 : This update corrects an error which was created with the last update. The error occurred when importing data from prior year AUDIT-L.E.A. files into your current year Trial Balance Files. This update applies to Releases 21A, 21B, and 21S only.
09/07/2017 : This update includes the updated MOE for IDEA B calculation tool as revised by T.E.A. The revised notes to the financial statements contains the new note for the TRS pension. The new note to the RSI schedules for the TRS pension is also provided. For Releases 21A and 21P - Since the new 2017 compliance supplement is now available, we have also included revised compliance programs for Title I, Nutrition, Special Ed Cluster, and the Generic Program. There is a fix to the routine creating the PDF file for Exhibit A-1.
07/11/2017 : This update corrects the calculation of the first line on the Schedule L table on the print out of the GASB 68 adjusting entries and the reconciliation tables. An error creating the GASB Input Data file print routine has also been corrected.
07/06/2017 : This update corrects the routine which imports the Fund to Government Wide Adjustments from the Prior Year. The items related to GASB 68 are no longer imported into the Beginning Long Term column. After importing be sure to DELETE the adjustments from last year related to GASB 68 and any others you wish to delete. After marking these for deletion, click on the option to remove the deleted entries and renumber the adjusting entries.
06/25/2017 : This update corrects the routine to create the Significant Object Report. The title to the print out of the Fund List has also been corrected to show 2017.
06/15/2017 : This update changes the GASB 68 Adjustments for Deferred Resource Outflows and Inflows to include the GASB requirement that the Deferred Resource Outflows and Inflows for the Net Differences Between the Projected and Actual Investment Earnings be netted when reported. Only Net Outflows OR Net Inflows must be reported for this item. We have also included in files placed in your installation folder (C:\AUDLEA17) a revised Instruction Manual and an Addendum to the Manual for the TRS change.
06/12/2017 : This update deletes the amortization schedule routines for GASB 68 and revises the GASB 68 Input screen to enter all of the data required to calculate and post the adjusting entries for GASB 68.
05/21/2017 : This update corrects one of the tables on the print out of the GASB 68 Adjustments and Reconciliation Schedules from the new GASB68 Data Entry Screen. There is also a correction to the Mandated Compliance Test for State Comp Ed.
05/05/2017 : This update corrects the State Comp Ed Mandated Program Compliance test routine. Previously an error was produced stating that the table allotbud could not be found. The table name in this routine has been corrected to Allot.
04/30/2017 : This update corrects the print routines for the GASB Adjustments so that the new GASB 68 column is correctly identified.
04/24/2017 : This update corrects the calculation of the percentage variance in the subtotals in the printed reports for the prior year/current year comparison. This patch applies to the Trial Balance Program only.