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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 20S
10/12/2016 : This update places a revised GASB 68 worksheet in the installation folder (AUDLEA16). This worksheet has been revised adding an additional adjusting entry to implement Paragraph 71 of GASB 68. We have finally been advised by T.E.A. what they want for SF13 in Schedule L. The final calculation for this amount is also included in the revised worksheet. The AUDIT-DATA-FEED file produced by AUDIT-L.E.A. was already updated to include the change for the current year - the line item for Net Pension Liability 2540.
10/02/2016 : This update corrects a $ sign on the second RSI schedule. There is also a correction in the PEIMS Edit check in the Trial Balance. The RSI note file used to create the document in the report generator has been corrected. We have also made a revision in the Tax Revenue Worksheet which is placed in your AUDLEA16 folder (or the folder where the software is installed.)
08/31/2016 : This update includes an Addendum to the Manual providing instructions for the 2 new worksheets in the Report Generator for calculating the Amortization Schedule for TRS data and for allocating On-Behalf Contributions for the Operating Grants column in Exhibit B-1. There is also a Revised GASB 68 worksheet and Revised information about the GASB 68 Adjustments. The Addendum, the Revised GASB 68 worksheet, and the Revised Information about the GASB 68 adjustments will be placed in your AUDIT-L.E.A. installation folder.
08/20/2016 : This update includes the revised GASB 68 Worksheet and Revised Instructions which will be placed in your installation folder (AUDLEA16). NOTE: There is also a NEW GASB 34 worksheet in the Report Generator to calculate the allocation of the NOW ADJUSTED amounts of the TRS on-behalf contributions as they affect the allocation of the grant revenue in Exhibit B-1. The new Fund to Government Wide adjustments (#11 and #12 in the Excel worksheet) affect the total adjusted expenses for B-1. The adjusted Revenue from the Fund to Government Wide worksheet must be allocated in program revenue and general revenue. This new worksheet automatically calculates these on-behalf amounts for the Government Wide presentation.
08/15/2016 : This update includes the updates from the New Compliance Supplement for most of the programs in the Audit Program Generator. There is also a file for our revised Example Notes to the Financial Statements for the Documents in the Report Generator. There is a new GASB 68 worksheet showing the relationship between our adjusting entries and those in TRS new Instructions. The print routine for the RSI Schedule of the District's Proportionate Share has been corrected so that the dollar signs now show in the prior year column.
08/02/2016 : This update provides a Revised Worksheet and Instruction document for the GASB 68 adjustments. These have been revised in light of the data tables and information from TRS for their measurement year ending August 31, 2015. These documents will be put in your installation folder for AUDIT-L.E.A.

All of the auditor's opinions in the Documents section of the Report Generator have been updated. We expect to have the newly released Compliance Supplement material ready for you to update by the end of the week.