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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 19A
01/14/2016 : This update provides for more rows of data on the print out of Exhibit H-9 so that more information prints on one page.
12/26/2015 : This update adds a routine in the trial balance program to import ONE adjusting entry from an ASCII file into the adjustments file. The ASCII file must have the first field as the 20 character account number. There should be two amount fields, the first of these two amount fields is for debit entries and the second field is for credit entries. The file can be a SDF with the amount fields set to a width of 12 OR a comma delimited file. Only ONE entry at a time can be imported. Include the rows for only One Entry in the ASCII file you are importing. If you need to import more than one entry, you must have a different ASCII file for each entry.
12/18/2015 : This update corrects some small formatting issues for Exhibit J-3 - The Optimum Fund Balance Schedule. Remember this is an OPTIONAL exhibit.
12/17/2015 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibit B-1 for the form when there are capital grants and no business activities. The line above the Ending Net Position was not printing.
12/16/2015 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibit D-1. An extra line was printing with the Deferred Resource Inflows and Outflows sections.
12/07/2015 : This update corrects the calculation of the budgeted change on the Status of Funds by Fund Type and the Status of a Fund screen for an error which occurred if there were budget amounts for object code 37xx.
11/06/2015 : This update changes the formula when printing the Schedule of the District Contributions (RSI G7) so that the District Contributions can be put in as a positive rather than a negative number if the user desires and the difference will be calculated and printed correctly.
11/05/2015 : This update adjusts the spacing of items on the print routines for Exhibit H-1 so that the double underline does not get reduced or eliminated.
11/04/2015 : This update revises the last table in the pension note in the notes to the financial statements. The row referring to the amortized amounts for Deferred Resources is deleted.
11/03/2015 : This update modifies the AUDIT DATA FEED routine to allow the net pension liability reported on A-1 to be reported as 2502 - Debt Due in More than one Year - even when the District has NO OTHER DEBT. The previous routine worked only when there was some debt reported in 2502 on Exhibit A-1.
11/02/2015 : This update changes the wording on the footnotes on the RSI Pension Schedules to refer to GASB 81 rather than to GASB 81,2,a or b.
11/02/2015 : This update changes the wording on the footnotes on the RSI Pension Schedules to refer to GASB 81 rather than to GASB 81,2,a or b.
10/28/2015 : T.E.A. has changed their minds about what should be reported for question SF13 on Schedule L. This amount should be the District's proportionate share of the Plan's Pension Expense used in the calculation of the Net Pension Liability during the measurement period. It is Column 17 in the TRS Schedule of Pension Amounts by Employer.
10/27/2015 : This update reduces the line width on Exhibit A-1 so that more rows of data can be printed on a single page.
10/22/2015 : This update makes some minor editing corrections to the foot notes on the RSI schedules for TRS pensions. The font sizes for these Schedule Titles and for the page number are also changed to match other exhibits produced by AUDIT-L.E.A.
10/16/2015 : This update makes some minor editing changes to the Notes at the bottom of the RSI schedules. Several words are capitalized in two of the descriptions in the master data table for the RSI schedule of the District's Share of the Net Pension Liability. You may edit these if you like in the data file you have already created by going to edit or view the file and editing the description directly in the file.
10/13/2015 : T.E.A. advised on 10/12 that the 2540 net pension liability reported on Exhibit A-1 must be rolled into debt due in more than one year (2502) for the Audit Data Feed. This update makes that change. There are also new master files for the reconciliation statements C2 (C1r) and C3 (C2) which include the new item for GASB 68.

Note: If you have already created your Audit Data Feed file, you can open it in Word Pad and edit the number for 2502 (adding the amount from 2540) and deleting the rows for 2540. Nothing else should change.
10/06/2015 : This update provides a revised GASB 68 Worksheet and a revised GASB 68 Instruction document. Neither of these are part of the AUDLEA15.exe file. They are loaded into the data folder where your AUDLEA15.exe is installed.

For Release 19A, Release 19B, and Release 19R there is a change in the print routine for Exhibit K-1 adding U.S. to the Total Department name and this change IS in the AUDLEA15.exe file.
10/03/2015 : This update provides the necessary revision in the routine to create the AUDIT DATA FEED file for T.E.A. Since the amount we are expected to report in schedule L for "pension expense" will be negative, the routine had to be changed to allow for negative amounts. That amount is on the revised GASB 68 worksheet which is also included in this update. It is the sum of the debits less the sum of the credits made to expenses on B1 with the GASB 68 Adjustments. This year there are NO debits so this sum will have to be negative.

There is a revised Instruction document for GASB 68. Remember in doing the adjustments in the fund to government wide worksheet you should use 2595 for net pension liability, 1999 for Deferred Resource Outflows related to TRS and 2604 for Deferred Resource Inflows related to TRS. The 2595 will be changed to 2520 in the data file for Exhibit A-1 but will print the 2540 given by TEA for the reporting code. Also the 1999 will print as 1705 and the 2604 will print as 2605.

There is a revised tax adjustment worksheet included in this update which adds a section to calculate the adjustment to Beginning Net Position when estimates for delinquent tax collection from the prior year are different from what is collected and what is assumed collectible from prior year levies in the current year adjustments.
09/30/2015 : This update provides a corrected GASB 68 worksheet. The formula in Cell C133 has been changed to -C61.

09/28/2015 : This update contains the newly revised schedule L from T.E.A. and the revised AUDIT DATA FEED routine. There is also a revised Instruction file for GASB68 showing some changes to the GASB 68 Worksheet file and the revised GASB 68 Worksheet will be downloaded to your installation folder. There is also a revised tax revenue worksheet file containing additional reconciliations at the bottom of the file.

There is also a correction in the PEIMS edit check in the Trial Balance Program.
09/20/2015 : This update adds the reporting codes provided by T.E.A. for the Net Pension Liability and the Deferred Inflows and Outflows related to TRS on Exhibit A-1. Those codes are 2540, 2605 and 1705. You MUST enter the adjusting entries to the deferred outflow to code 1999 and for the deferred inflow to 2604 for these to print as 1705 and 2605. If you do not wish to use these control codes on your report, post these entries to the other codes available for the inflows and outflows.

There is also a revision in the GASB 68 worksheet with some additional reconciliation information at the bottom of the sheet.

The revised Auditor's Opinions on the Basic Financial Statements now include the "Emphasis of Matter" paragraph.
09/04/2015 : This update provides an updated GASB 68 Instruction file and an additional table suggested for the Pension Note. There is also a correction to the Fiscal Year displayed on the Report for the Status of All Funds.
08/25/2015 : This update corrects an error which occurred when exporting the results of the lead sheet by selected object code for selected funds.
08/19/2015 : This update changes the title for the RSI schedules to read the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.
08/17/2015 : This update revises the instructions for Implementing GASB 68 adding more information for the completion of the RSI schedules and a correction in the sample note disclosure.
08/11/2015 : This update removes an erroneous page number on the RSI report on the Districts Share of the Net Pension Liability - Exhibit G-6.
08/07/2015 : This update makes a slight correction in the GASB 68 Worksheet and to the Note in the Notes to the Financial Statement on the Pension Plan. We have also added the Exhibit Number to the RSI tables and a note referring to GASBS #68 paragraph 138 explaining why there is only one column presented in these tables.
08/04/2015 : This update provides the PDF file explaining the requirements for the implementation of GASB 68. The PDF file will be unzipped in your application folder for AUDIT-L.E.A. The default for this is the C:\AUDLEA15 folder.
08/02/2015 : This update provides an Excel worksheet for developing the fund to government wide adjustments necessary for the implementation of GASB 68. The Notes to the financial statements have been revised to include the new notes as required for GASB 68. There is also a change to the tables for RSI and the notes to RSI associated with GASB 68. The Worksheet will be unzipped in your application folder for AUDIT-L.E.A. The default for this is the C:\AUDLEA15 folder.
06/09/2015 : This update add a test for Excess Cash in the Food Service programs. It can be found in the Trial Balance program under the menu option TESTS.
05/18/2015 : This update makes an important correction in the routine which imports your beginning of the year balances for long term debt in the fund to government wide adjustments. This problem occurred because we reclassified the deferred charge for refunding last year. If you implemented GASB 65 last year, you will have to answer YES when asked and the routine will handle this unusual circumstance for this year.
05/09/2015 : This update adds a routine to the Ascii File Import for importing the adopted budget data only for the monthly files from the software eFinance. There should be one comma delimited file with the fields Budget Code, Account, and Adopted Budget. Be sure to remove the column headers and any Total amounts at the end of the file.
04/26/2015 : This update adds a routine to the ASCII File Import for importing a monthly data file from the software eFinance. There should be three comma delimited files with the fields Budget Code, Account, Budget, YTD for the Revenue and Expenses files and the fields Fund, Account, Debit, Credit for the balance sheet file. Be sure to remove the column headers and any Total amounts at the end of the file.