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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 18S
03/24/2015 : This update corrects an error which occurred while recalculating the results of the MOE test for IDEA B in the CY/PY comparison and in the CYBudget/PY comparison. This error occurred when changing the hand entered data at the top of the screen or when clicking on the Recalculate Button. The calculations performed when first calling up the screen based on previously entered data were correct.
02/26/2015 : This update corrects an error in importing the total expenditures in the debt service fund in the Excluded table of the Indirect Cost Rate worksheet. This error only occurred if the district has more than one DS.
02/25/2015 : This update makes a few small corrections in the drill down routine for some of the function 41 rows in the indirect cost rate worksheet.
02/22/2015 : This update makes a change in importing data for the Indirect Cost Calculation Worksheet for Functions 51, 52 and 53. We now place in Direct Costs only those un-excluded items for organization codes related to campus organizations 001 - 699 and organization code 998. All other un-excluded expenditures (for organization codes 700-999 not including 998) are imported to the indirect cost cells. Unless this is changed, the deadline for filing the TEA Worksheet for Indirect Cost Rate Proposal (ICRP) is February 27th.
02/18/2015 : This update makes a revision in the importing of data into the Table of Excluded Items which occurred when importing data into the Indirect Cost Rate Worksheet. This error occurred if there was no Capital Projects fund and/or no Debt Service Fund. The was no change in the importing of data into the Indirect Cost Rate Worksheet.
02/17/2015 : This update makes a revision to the Indirect Cost Rate Proposal worksheet routine. We now import the non-excluded items in function 53 which are coded to organization codes 726-750 into the indirect cost column. There is a revision to the instructions for this routine which is a txt file found in your AUDLEA14 default folder.
02/15/2015 : This update adds the routines to assist you in gathering data to complete the new Indirect Cost Rate Proposal worksheet required by T.E.A. A text file with instructions will be placed in the folder where your AUDIT-L.E.A. application is installed. The default for this location is C:\AUDLEA14. Please contact us if you have any questions.
12/16/2014 : This update makes a correction to an error in creating the complete PDF file which occurred on a specific version of one page of Exhibit H2. This error caused the routine to stop. There are also some changes made to various print routines which will make printing using the ADOBE printer easier. Remember you must select the location where the pdf file is to be saved and, in some cases, name the pdf file created by printing a report using the ADOBE printer.
09/17/2014 : This update corrects a formatting error on the budget comparisons in the report generator which occurred when there were two items reported in the other Uses and Sources section. There is also a correction to the FY in the title to one of the grouped reports of the trial balance content.
09/14/2014 : This update corrects an error in the new report for finding the materially significant amounts for individual object codes for each major fund and for the non-major governmental funds and the non-major enterprise funds. We have also added the entered materiality amounts in the printed report.
09/11/2014 : This update corrects an error in the routine to import data from the ASCII file while checking for Duplicate Accounts. The error only occurs if you are also importing the adopted budget data AND if letters are used in the last three characters of the account code.
08/15/2014 : This update correctly designates the MOE for IDEA B as NON-COMPLIANT in the unusual circumstance when the student enrollment is the same in both years being compared and all variances are negative.
08/12/2014 : This update correctly designates the MOE for IDEA B as NON-COMPLIANT in the unusual circumstance when the amount of the variance is exactly equal on all four tests. REMEMBER YOU MUST RUN THE MOE TEST for IDEA B BETWEEN 2012 and 2013 to determine if the District was compliant in 2013 BEFORE running the test for 2014.
07/27/2014 : This update adds a new report in Trial Balance to determine significant object codes by materiality levels for each major fund and aggregation of non-major funds. Select this Report option from the REPORTS menu in the Trial Balance program. Be sure to select Major funds on the fund list BEFORE running this report. Exhibit J-2 will NO LONGER be included in the AUDIT DATA FEED OR the PDF file. Reference to PIC 99 has been removed from the MOE for IDEA B Screens.
07/07/2014 : In testing AUDIT-L.E.A. with Windows 8, we found one thing that was not working properly. The routine creating the folder where the PDF files are stored did not work in Windows 8. We have fixed the code so that now this routine works with all versions of Windows, including Windows 8.
06/18/2014 : This update includes the updates to the Audit Program Generator Compliance Programs reflecting changes from the March, 2014, Circular A-133. There are also changes to some routines in the Report Generator and in the Trial Balance Program.
05/27/2014 : This update corrects an error which occurred when importing the GASB 34 Adjusting entries from the prior year AUDIT-L.E.A. files. The link to the HELP file has also been repaired on several screens. There is also a correction to the FY on the printed report for the Compliance Tests for Mandated Programs.
05/12/2014 : This update revises the routine to create and import data into the Federal files for the SEFA. We now allow for four years for a particular program. If you have already created the Federal data file, you MUST recreate it and then import data from the Trial Balance.

We have also removed the reference to PIC 99 in the MOE for IDEA B.
05/06/2014 : This update adds back the ARRA fund information in the Fund List and in the SEFA data file.
05/05/2014 : This update adds routines in the MOE tests for both IDEA B and NCLB to run comparisons between AMENDED BUDGET for the cy with the prior OR prior prior year data.
05/01/2014 : This update changes the Titles on the Major Fund Calculation Report to show Assets plus Deferred Resource Outflows and Liabilities plus Deferred Resource Inflows. In the Report Generator, there are some changes to the forms for creating the auditor's opinions so that the current fiscal year is correctly imported in the file.