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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 17S
10/09/2013 : This update corrects the routine which imports the amended budget data only into a trial balance where the account balances have already been imported. The date on Exhibit B-1 has also been corrected in the Report Generator.
10/01/2013 : This update makes a correction in one of the PEIMS edit checks.
09/27/2013 : This update makes an adjustment for the Beginning Balance in the new report in trial balance added with the last update. There is also a correction to the calculate routine in the Expenses and Revenues data file for proprietary funds that runs when an item is entered and the Enter key is pushed. The Calculate Routine from the button at the top of the screen worked correctly.
09/24/2013 : This update adds a new print routine for the Trial Balance Content in the Trial Balance program. Select Reports, Trial Balance Content and then Summarized Reports. The new report summarizes to the fund, function, object, fiscal year and PIC code levels. The function and object code descriptions are included as well as work paper references. Remember you can set the filter on your trial balance and print the report as filtered. There is also a correction to one form of Exhibit B-1. The word Net Assets had to be changed to Net Position in the Column Heading and the school name had to be repositioned.
09/07/2013 : This update revises the import routine for importing from the ASCII file into trial balance so that the routine which checks for duplicate accounts is much faster AND now handles account numbers where the last three characters are '999'.
09/04/2013 : This update contains several important revisions:

We have been advised that some of you wish to record the reclassification in Net Position for the unamortized debt issuance costs from previous periods (GASB 65) as an adjustment to the beginning net position number on the Government Wide Statement of Activities. This update allows you to edit the description for row 9110 - in the data file for the government wide statement of activities to reflect that the beginning net position has been adjusted or reclassified. You must limit your description to no more than 50 characters. It is our position that this should be shown as an adjustment to the beginning net position on the row 9111 with the description changed to reflect the adjustment or reclassification. You now can choose how you wish to report this reclassification of the unamortized debt issuance costs.

We have also been advised that the description for the "Invested in Capital Net of Related Debt" (row 3800 in our data files) should be changed to read "Net Investment in Capital Assets". We have made that change for files you have not yet created but you will have to edit that description in files you have created.

The routine in the Trial Balance to replace codes with conditions had some errors. This has now been fixed.
08/18/2013 : This update corrects an error in calculating the unfavorable budget to actual comparison in the grouped selections. There is also a correction to the printing of Exhibit E-1 when there are only one or two columns of data. Most importantly, the Audit Data Feed has been revised to meet TEA's requirements regarding the Deferred Resource outflows and inflows. Remember AUDIT-L.E.A. will use codes 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 for the Deferred Resource Outflows in the data files in the report generator but these will print on your exhibits as 1701, 1702, 1703 or 1704. The TEA reporting code for the Total for Deferred Resource Outflows will print as 1700 and this is the code for the AUDIT DATA FEED. The TEA reporting code for the sum of Assets and Deferred Resource Outflows is 1000A.
07/09/2013 : This update provides the new codes from TEA for the Deferred Resource flows. We will continue to use 1996-1999 for the Deferred Resource Outflows in our data files, but these codes will be 1701-1704 with the total code 1700 when these are printed. The codes for TEA and for AUDIT-L.E.A. for the Deferred Resource Inflows remain 2601-2604 with the total 2600 on the reports.
There is also a correction to the materiality report calculations.
There is a new routine for combining funds on Exhibits H1 and H2 allowing you to select several funds at once. This will be especially helpful for those districts with many special revenue funds.
06/13/2013 : This update corrects the column heading on B-1 to reflect "Change in Net Position" rather than "Change in Net Assets". There is also a revised instruction manual showing the Reclassification to net position on Exhibit B-1 due to the reclassification of the unamortized debt issuance costs to prior periods.
06/09/2013 : This update revises the format for the input screens for the MOE tests in the Trial Balance. There is no change in the content of these tests. The update also corrects some errors which occurred in the Report Generator when recreating data files.
06/05/2013 : This update further improves the import routine when importing your ASCII file data into the Trial Balance. It is now much faster. There are also some minor changes in the Report Generator.
05/23/2013 : This update changes the operation of adding object and function names when importing the ASCII file which makes this much faster. There is also a correction in the print routine for Exhibit C-1 so that the double underline will print after Total Assets if there are no Deferred Resource Outflows.
04/24/2013 : This update corrects the print routine on the Fund List Screen. You should now be able to print the Fund List.