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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 23

Update for RELEASE 22

Update for RELEASE 21

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Update Notes for Release 16P
10/28/2012 : This update provides the revised AUDIT PROGRAM for the Audit Program Generator for Release 16A and for Release 16P. It also corrects an error in the Report Generator which occurred when editing the Schedule L for Release 16A, Release 16B and Release 16R.
10/22/2012 : This update corrects an error in the menu in the audit program generator.
08/29/2012 : This update provides the remainder of the updated items for the Compliance Audit Programs in the Audit Program Generator. It also corrects the date on the printed mandated programs compliance test in the Trial Balance Program.
08/20/2012 : This update incorporates some changes on the print out for the MOE compliance test for IDEA B reflecting information provided last week from T.E.A.

We have also completed many of the conpliance program revisions in the Audit Program Generator to be sure it includes information from the June, 2012, Circular A-133 Compliance Supplement. We will continue to work on these and get them to you as soon as possible.
06/11/2012 : This update adds the Engagement Letter, Lawyer Letter and Management Rep letter in the Audit Program Generator. You should also be aware that fund 411 is no longer valid. We have added that check to the EdMIS code checks. The PEIMS edit check will still give you an error as TEA has not revised the check.
04/26/2012 : This update adds the Compliance Audit Program for the Food Service Cluster in the Audit Program Generator. It also correct the name of the Audit Data Feed file created in the Report Generator Program.