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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 15B
01/25/2012 : This update corrects an error in the creation of the Audit-Feed file for Exhibit J-3. The error occurs if you have amounts in the 4x and 5x control codes.
12/08/2011 : This update slightly changes the wording for the Cash and Cash Equivalents rows on the Cash Flow Statements.
12/06/2011 : This update corrects the description for a prior period adjustment on Exhibit H-11.
12/02/2011 : This update adjusts the underline on Exhibit J-3 and corrects the text printed with line 13.
11/28/2011 : This update corrects the calculation of annual and prior year depreciation in the depreciation worksheet when the current year is the last year of the estimated life of the asset. There is also a correction to the print routine for the individual fund statements for budget information in governmental funds.
11/16/2011 : This update update provides a little more space on Exhibit C-1 so that more lines will print on the page. There is also an updated RecAssets.val file to be consistent with the RecAsset files contained on the last update.
11/08/2011 : This update adds the revised MOE test for IDEA B in the Proposed Budget Module in the Trial Balance. There is also a correction to the text in the data file for Exhibit C-2 in the Report Generator.
11/04/2011 : This update corrects the trial balance data import into the SEFA data file. The error only occurred when there were expenditures for FY10 included. A print routine for Exhibit C-3 was changed with a prior update and was causing some exhibits to overflow to the next page. This has also been corrected.
11/02/2011 : This update expands the spaces allowed in the function description for Exhibit H-2.
10/29/2011 : This update contains the NEW MOE test for IDEA B that was only recently made available by T.E.A. It also contains a correction to the print routine for one form of Exhibit C-3 and corrects the name for function 51 in the data file for the Statement of Activities.
10/25/2011 : This update corrects the initial import of data from trial balance into the SEFA so that the expenditures for FY 12 are correctly posted.
10/24/2011 : This update adds the opening parenthesis to the Exhibit K-1 (Cont'd) on the first page of Exhibit K-1 when the Exhibit contains more than one page.
10/19/2011 : This update adds the ability to add another Federal Agency which you can define in the SEFA. You should use the department code K. Add K000 to the Federal data file and enter the name of the agency. Add codes KDXX and KD10a, etc for projects which are funded directly from that agency. If you have a pass-through agency other than TEA, add codes KO00 and KOXX and KO10a etc. for the projects. Enter the name of the pass-through agency in the KO00 description.

This update also contains a revision in the import routine for ASCII files from the EdPRO software.

The file name for the Audit Data Feed file has been changed. There is also a correction to one print routine for Exhibit B-1.
10/13/2011 : This update includes the latest PEIMS edit check revisions from T.E.A. in the Trial Balance Program. There is also a correction in the wording for Exhibit J-3 and a correction in the Audit Data Feed File in the Report Generator Program.
09/29/2011 : This update corrects an underlining problem on one version of Exhibit C-1.
08/10/2011 : This update corrects some underline problems in the SEFA (Exhibit K-1).
07/15/2011 : This update corrects an error which occurred when forming the prior year/current year data file. It applies to the trial balance program only.
07/06/2011 : This update corrects an error which occured when re-importing data into the Federal File for the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards.
06/28/2011 : This update corrects an error which occurs when creating the data files in the report generator. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! There is also a correction in the Trial Balance in the Replace Codes With Conditions routine.
06/13/2011 : This update corrects the description for unassigned fund balance and the PDF file creation in the Report Generator.
05/31/2011 : This update is very important. It includes the latest changes from T.E.A. Fund 287 for the JOBS program has been added to the fund list and expenditures in that fund are included in the MOE tests and compliance tests in Trial Balance. The changes to the AUDIT DATA FEED have been made to include the changes in the Optimum Fund Balance (which is OPTIONAL for 2011). Please note that the Adjustment to Meet Board Policy has been deleted from this schedule. The upload to the Revenue Grants Worksheet now includes fund 101. Depreciation costs for proprietary funds now also uploads into the Expenses and Revenues Data File for Proprietary Funds.
05/10/2011 : This update revises the structure of the data file for the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) adding a column for a cluster number. The cluster number is assigned - 1 for the Title 1 cluster, 2 for the IDEA B cluster, 3 for the EdTech cluster and 4 for the Child Nutrition Cluster. Using these numbers, the total expenditures for the cluster are subtotalled when the SEFA is printed. If you do not want to subtotal by cluster, remove these cluster numbers from the data file.