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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update Notes for Release 14B
08/01/2014 : This update corrects an error which occurred in running the MOE tests when the GF has more than one sub-fund. You may need to import your prior year data from last year's AUDIT-L.E.A. file to retrieve the data for 2012 correctly.
01/14/2011 : This update insures that the Budget Comparison for the General Fund prints in the correct location when it is either named Exhibit C-5 for printing with the fund statements OR named any other Exhibit name for printing in the RSI section.
01/12/2011 : This update will include Exhibit J-4 - the food service budget comparison in the PDF File or Print All routines even if it is given an exhibit number beginning with a G and it is not a major fund.
01/11/2011 : This update prints the required note for unallocated depreciation if this is used in the Government Wide Statement of Activities.
01/07/2011 : This update corrects a printing error in printing the budget comparison from the Individual Fund Reports in the Report Generator. The local revenues will no longer print twice.
12/29/2010 : This update provides the revised auditor's opinions. These MUST be revised this year as the wording has changed to be conisistent with SAS 115.
12/10/2010 : In the Trial Balance Program, the PEIMS and EdMIS code checks have been corrected to allow fund 361.
12/09/2010 : This update corrects the summation of adjusted credits on the selected object code leadsheet. It also allows for using fund number 47x as SRF funds instead of Permanent funds when combining funds in the combining statements. We have temporarily blocked the creation of the auditor's opionions for revision.
11/18/2010 : This update allows for checking for duplicate account numbers when letters are used in the Other part of the code when importing the amended budget only from an ASCII file.
11/16/2010 : This update corrects an error printing the 8th page in Exhibit H-2 from the PrintAll Command in the Report Generator. There has also been a change allowing more lines on one page for Exhibit C-1.
11/11/2010 : This update corrects an error when printing the one page only form of Exhibit B-1. The update of 11/9/10 left the label for Total Revenues as Total Revenues, Special Items and Extraordinary Items. Now it should read only Total Revenues when there are no special items and extraordinary items.
11/09/2010 : This update adjusts the field size for the Total General Revenues, special items, & extraordinary items label on the one page report for Exhibit B-1.
11/08/2010 : This update allows for differences in the MOE Test for Special Ed which are equal to zero; it also corrects the formation of the current year/prior year data file so that amounts are included for various fiscal years; an import routine has been added to import the ASCII file from Prologic TEAMS software.
10/28/2010 : This update corrects the print routine for the Lead Sheet Report in Trial Balance for Selected Object Codes.
10/26/2010 : This update corrects the printing of Exhibit E-2 where there is a fiduciary component unit.
10/21/2010 : This update corrects the print routine for Schedule J-3. The entire description for line 11 now prints.
10/11/2010 : This update adds a routine in the Current Year/Prior Year screen allowing you to select one or more specific object codes to print or export the current year prior year comparison data. There is also an increase in the space for displaying the function code description in the Governmental Combining Statement H2. The Exhibit Title for Exhibit J-3 has been corrected.
09/28/2010 : This update adds the Account Name in the Prior Year/Current Year screen in the Trial Balance. It also adds the control description in the grid in the Fund to Government Wide Worksheet.
09/27/2010 : This update corrects the descriptions on lines 10 and 11 in Exhibit J-3 - The Optimum Fund Balance.
09/15/2010 : This update corrects the import of data from Exhibit D-2 to the Government Wide Statement of Activities when there are transfers in (7958) and transfers out (8911).
09/02/2010 : This update changes the AUDIT DATA FEED routine to enter the row numbers for items in the K1 Schedule as "1,2,3, etc" rather than the previously used '01,02,03, etc.".
08/29/2010 : This update makes some corrections to the MOE tests for Special Education and for Title I. For the MOE tests, expenditures from fund 266 are included in both the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 FY data. Please note that if the MOE test for Title I results in the LEA being found noncompliant, you may change the base year from the 2008-2009 FY to the 2007-2008 FY. Use the TEA template to do this as provided on this web site. Click on the NEWS tab to locate this template.
08/04/2010 : This update adds fund 266 items in all of the Compliance Tests in the Trial Balance including the MOE for Special Education. The NEW MOE tests from TEA's worksheets are being constructed and should be available soon. There is a correction to Exhibit J3. The NOTE should now be saved on the last row of data in the data file so that it will print as necessary. There are numerous smaller changes - e.g. the WP Ref field can now be edited in the EDIT SCREEN.
07/20/2010 : This update adds an option for implementing GASB 54. The TEA Audit Feed routine has been changed to convert these new codes back to the old codes as required by TEA. Also, the amount in 2516 on the Fund to Gov. Wide Worksheet is reported seperately and CFDA codes are reported for the SEFA. There is a correction to the title of the TB Content Reports and the import routine for the SEFA has been corrected.
05/23/2010 : This update corrects two errors in the EdMIS Code checks/Peims checks in the Trial Balance Program.