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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update for RELEASE 13

Update Notes for Release 13S
02/01/2010 : This update correct the subtotalling on the lead sheet reports for TEA reporting codes and for the selected object codes.
11/19/2009 : This update corrects an error which occurred when importing the adopted budget data from the adopted budget file in the trial balance into the report generator. The size of the field for the object code in the PEIMS CHECK report in the Trial Balance has been increased.
11/04/2009 : This update corrects the import routine into trial balance to correctly change the signs when importing balance sheet only data.
11/02/2009 : This update removes object code 6122 from the codes to be rolled up to 6129 for PEIMS in the Trial Balance Program. It also has a correction in the Report Generator for the creation of the PDF file for Exhibit J-2 so that the report is created on only one page.
10/27/2009 : This update corrects a problem which sometimes occurred when editing beginning balances for adjusted accounts.
10/19/2009 : This update adds the Proprietary Funds to the Lead Sheets by TEA Reporting Code option in the Trial Balance Reports menu.
10/15/2009 : This update adds the subtotals by fund in the reports by TEA code in the Prior Year Current Year Screen and corrects the subtotals in the lead sheets by TEA Code in the trial balance program.
10/08/2009 : This update corrects some errors which occurred in the Auto Adjust routine in the Trial Balance. The fiscal year now is shown as 9 in the adjusting entries and account numbers and the correction for the beginning fund balance for the debt service fund now works properly.
10/02/2009 : This update corrects an error causing damage to the trial balance index files which occurred when removing and reposting adjusting entries to the trial balance. For Releases A and B there are also some corrections in the wording for some of the Auditor's Opinions.
08/26/2009 : This update revises the lead sheet by object code routine in the Trial Balance so that more than one object code can be selected at the same time. All object codes contained in the Trial Balance are displayed along with their descriptions for your choice. You may also select one or more funds to be included in the report. A new import routine is added for the EdPRO (the new version of EDP) ascii files.
07/28/2009 : This update allows for multiple funds combined as a major fund in the planning materiality report. The fund number display on the budget to actual comparison reports has also been corrected.
07/13/2009 : This update adds new reports in the trial balance program which provide account details by TEA reporting codes. One report is with the lead sheets in the report option for current year and budget data. The other provides prior year current year comparisons and is in the report option in the menu on the Prior Year/Current Year Screen.