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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 15

Update for RELEASE 14

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Update for RELEASE 9

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Update Notes for Release 9
10/08/2013 : This update changes the column heading when GASB 63 has been implemented from "Changes in Net Assets" to "Changes in Net Position".
05/03/2013 : This update adds corrects the underlines for agency funds in Exhibit E-1.
03/27/2013 : This update adds the ability to edit the description for control code 9110 - Beginning Net Assets - in the Government Wide Statement of Activities. Edit the description in the data file and that description will print on Exhibit B-1. There is also a correction to the import routine from the trial balance to the Report Generator for trust funds.
03/26/2013 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibits H3 and H4 for Internal Service Funds and Exhibits H6 and H7 for Enterprise Funds. The error in Exhibits H4 and H7 occurs only if you have 11 enterprise funds and is an error in the calculation of total net assets for the total column. The Error in H3 and H5 resulted from the changes we had to make to accommodate GASB 63 and caused the subtotals to not print correctly.
03/24/2013 : This update provides for the aggregation of unspendable, restricted, committed and designated fund balance items into a single line for each category in the H1 combining statement. You must enter ONE row (control code) only for the category and change the description to the category title such as "Restricted".
02/28/2013 : This update corrects errors in the "Import Final Budget Only" AND the "Import prior year trial balance data from ASCII file" routines.
02/25/2013 : This update corrects an error from the last update causing an error message when printing Exhibit A-1.
02/21/2013 : This update corrects an error in the printing of Exhibit H10 and a file access error when creating the Total PDF file.
02/07/2013 : This update prevents the duplication of the heading for Bonds Payable - Current: in Exhibit D-1.
02/07/2013 : This update prevents the duplication of the heading for Bonds Payable - Current: in Exhibit D-1.
02/05/2013 : This update corrects an error preventing the line above Total Assets/Net Position on Exhibit D-1 from printing. It also corrects an error on one form of Exhibit C-1 preventing the sub-headings under Fund Balances from printing and adds the ability to aggregate to each category of fund balance. You should use ONLY one code in each category in the data file and edit the description to read 'Non-spendable Fund Balances', or 'Restricted Fund Balances' etc.
02/03/2013 : This update corrects an error from the previous patch which caused the accumulated depreciation for capital assets on Exhibit D to be unrecognized.
01/29/2013 : GASB 63 MUST be implemented for governmental entities with FY ending after December 15, 2012. This update provides for this implementation. Instructions have been sent to you by email.
01/15/2013 : This update corrects the routine checking the crosswalk file when exiting the crosswalk screen. An error occurred checking for the prior year file or adopted budget file when these files had not been created. The lead sheet routine for the balance sheet items for proprietary funds when ALL codes are selected has also been corrected.
01/09/2013 : This update corrects the print/preview routine for the Lead Sheet by EdMIS Reporting Codes for Proprietary Fund Statement of Net Assets items.
01/04/2013 : This update corrects the print routine for the Cash Flow Statement. This error occurred when printing the two page version with assigned page numbers.
12/29/2012 : This update adds a routine to edit the prior year data table so that the client account numbers and associated EdMIS codes are consistent in the Crosswalk file, the Trial Balance File and the prior year data table. To implement this routine, go to the Trial Balance and click on the Prior Year menu option and select the FIRST option, to Create, Enter or Edit the Prior Year Data File. Records found in the Prior Year Data File which are NOT found in the Crosswalk file will be added to the crosswalk. If the EdMIS code for the client account number in the Prior Year Data file is the same as the EdMIS code assigned to a DIFFERENT client account in the Crosswalk file, you will be instructed to go to the Crosswalk File to assign a different EdMIS code.
12/28/2012 : This update changes the routine to create the current year/prior year comparison so that it will work even if there are account numbers in the prior year data file that do not appear in the crosswalk and trial balance files.
12/10/2012 : This update corrects an error preventing you from adding a new account in the crosswalk. A new routine has been added in the Trial Balance under the Edit Menu Option which allows you to delete accounts in the trial balance, the prior year data table, and the adopted budget data table when the account has been deleted from the crosswalk file. This routine will NOT work for accounts which have been adjusted. You must edit adjusting entries containing accounts you wish to delete.
12/07/2012 : This update contains a revised routine for checking for consistency between the crosswalk file and the trial balance, adopted budget, adjusting entries, and prior year data files. After installing this update you should open your crosswalk file. When you close that file, the new routine will remove any duplicate client account numbers in the trial balance and edit all other files you have created to reflect any editing you have done to the crosswalk file.

The print routine for the Status of Funds Report has also been corrected so that the correct fund name is displayed with the report for each fund.
11/29/2012 : This update corrects the printing of Exhibit C-1 and H-1 so that the subcategories of Fund Balance are identified with a sub-heading.
11/28/2012 : This update corrects the import from the prior year depreciation worksheet and the reconciliation files. You must have created your files from your fundlist before running this routine.
11/20/2012 : This update makes some corrections to the file create or recreate routine. The retain previously entered data routines when recreating files now works correctly.
11/12/2012 : This update corrects the routine that adds new client account numbers to the crosswalk when importing from the ASCII file. If the account numbers in the ASCII file are not in the crosswalk file and have not been assigned the EdMIS codes, you will not be able to import the account balances in the trial balance file.
11/10/2012 : This update corrects an error which might occur when printing the Report for Status of Funds or when adding a New City when files in the folder already exists.
11/06/2012 : This update corrects an error resulting from the update for 11/5 which caused an error accessing the fundlist when importing prior year crosswalk data.
11/05/2012 : This update corrects an access error when opening the fundlist for editing. It also corrects the look up routine for the fund name when scrolling through the trial balance.
11/03/2012 : This update corrects an error which occurred when opening the current year/prior year screen a second time after it had been previously opened and filtered and/or after you selected the lead sheet by object code.
11/01/2012 : This update adds a routine to automatically change the EDMIS codes for the same client account number when the EDMIS codes are different in the Crosswalk than in the prior year data file being imported. The code is automatically changed to be the code as it is provided in the crosswalk file.

This update also corrects an error on the Trial Balance Main screen which prevented you from entering the work paper reference in the edit box provided at the top of the screen.
10/17/2012 : This update corrects the error in the routine to Edit Unadjusted Accounts in the Trial Balance. The edits will now be saved in the trial balance data file.