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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 15

Update for RELEASE 14

Update for RELEASE 13

Update for RELEASE 12

Update for RELEASE 11

Update for RELEASE 10

Update for RELEASE 9

Update for RELEASE 8

Update Notes for Release 8
08/13/2012 : This update corrects a printing error which occurred on the first page of Exhibit H-2. An erroneous Q was printing on one form of the print routine when printing without control codes.
04/25/2012 : This update corrects a fromatting error which occurred on the second page of Exhibit C-1.
04/16/2012 : This update adds the ability to aggregate to specific fund balance categories - i.e. nonspendable, restricted, committed and/or assigned for Exhibits C-1 and H-1. To use this option you must select ONE code in the specified range for each category and code all items to that code. You may wish to do this in the crosswalk file and use sub-object codes to maintain detail. The description for the code you have chosen must be redefined in the Report Generator data files to state the category - such as Restricted Fund Balance, etc. When printing you will be asked if these items have been aggregated. If you say YES, there will be only one line printed for each category with no sub-headings.
02/27/2012 : This update corrects an alignment problem for the Debt Service heading which occurs when printing Exhibit H-2.
02/21/2012 : This update corrects an error which occurred when printing the individual fund statements for balance sheet data.
01/09/2012 : This update allows for the printing of the words Total at the top of the columns in the H2 Combining Statement when the Total column is in the first and second column on the odd numbered pages. This change only applies to the option to print the exhibit without the fund numbers appearing in the top row of the column header.
01/03/2012 : This update changes the wording in the reference to the Notes on the Budget Comparison when printed as a C-5 Exhibit - i.e. as part of the basic financial statement rather than as G-1 when printed in RSI.
12/22/2011 : This update corrects the PDF file creation for the entire financial report in the GASB 34 manu option in the Report Generator. There is also a correction to the file used to create the tax schedule.
11/14/2011 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibit C-1 for an error that occurred if there is only the General Fund and no other governmental funds.
11/04/2011 : This update corrects the FY in the Exhibits File changing the 2010 to 2011. This change will be implemented when you first create your data files. If you have already created them, use the HEADINGS option when printing or previewing to Change the Fiscal Year.