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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 15

Update for RELEASE 14

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Update Notes for Release 15
06/24/2019 : This update makes some formatting changes in some of the exhibits. We have also included a revised worksheet for the TMRS GASB 68 worksheet.
05/02/2019 : This update adds a routine to allow you to change a client account code in the crosswalk file, the trial balance and in the prior year trial balance you have imported from the prior year. This is to be used when the client changes their account number for the same fund and account. For example, if they used a 12- to indicate a particular fund but this year they wish to use a 10- for the same fund as in the prior year. The routine is in the EDIT menu in the crosswalk file. The routine is called "Edit Specified Characters in the Client Account Code".
04/09/2019 : This update adds a table to reconcile the calculated deferred inflows and outflows related to the TMRS pension in the TMRS worksheets - both the Abilene Example worksheet and the TMRS Worksheet for GASB 68 for FY2018. These worksheets are installed in your application folder. The default location is C:\AUDCITY18.
03/27/2019 : This update makes some formatting changes to Exhibits A-1, C-1 and D-1.
03/23/2019 : This update makes some formatting changes to the D Exhibits. There is a change in the left alignment of the descriptions for Exhibit D-1 and a change splitting the description for Business Activities - Enterprise Funds across the top of the split page format.
03/19/2019 : This update changes the description on Exhibit E-2 - The Statement of Changes in Fiduciary Net Position so that the Net Change in Net Position NOW reads the Net Change in Fiduciary Net Position.
03/15/2019 : This update makes some additional corrections to the print all routine and the PDF file creation routine in the GASB 34 Exhibits menu in the Report Generator.
03/14/2019 : This update corrects the routines for making a PDF file of the entire report and the one for printing the entire report. This error occurred on one form of the report for Exhibit A1 for the PDF file creation and for the report for the RSI Schedule of Contributions for the Pension Contributions in the print all routine.
03/08/2019 : This update corrects some formatting issues on Exhibit B-1 - The Government Wide Statement of Activities.
03/07/2019 : This update corrects the dashes in the Beginning Net Position and Ending Net Position items on Exhibits D-2 and E-2. There are also some changes in the use of capital letters in some of the items on the TMRS and TCDRS base data files for the Schedule of Changes in Net Pension Liability schedules and one in the base file for the Schedule of Changes in the Total OPEB Liability. If you have already created these files, you may edit these row items as you see fit.
03/05/2019 : This update makes several adjustments to the print routines for Exhibit C-3, G-1, D-1 and D-2.
02/27/2019 : This update corrects the print routine for one form of Exhibit B-1. If there are no capital grants but there are both enterprise funds and a component unit, the titles for the component unit section were not printing correctly.
02/25/2019 : This update adjusts the titles for items on the RSI Schedules for both TMRS and TCDRS for the Changes in Net Pension Liability when there is at least one column of data where there is a Net Pension Asset. The changes are C - Net Pension Liability (Asset) and F - Net Pension Liability (Asset) as a Percentage of Covered Payroll. We have also added a routine to calculate the subtotals, totals and percentages in these two data files. We corrected the page number on Exhibit G9 for the form with only 4 years of data.
02/06/2019 : This update adds an option to choose to print the Fund To Government Wide Worksheet showing only the rows where amounts have been entered. All rows with nothing in them are left off of the report.
02/05/2019 : This update corrects the print routine for the budget comparison report for a proprietary fund as printed through the Individual Fund Statements option in the Report Generator.
01/30/2019 : This update corrects the print routine when printing the trial balance content reports in the trial balance. The correct fund name was not being retrieved.
01/23/2019 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibit C-1 for the form for one fund only when there are no liabilities but there is a deferred resource inflow. The inflow was not adding to the equities for the total at the bottom of the statement.
01/18/2019 : This update corrects the formula for adjusting entry #4 and #5 in the Excel worksheet for the GASB 75 adjustments for TMRS.
01/09/2019 : This update corrects an error from the last update which occurred when printing the TCDRS Exhibit For Pension Contributions when there is more than four years of data. There is also a new feature which allows you to print Exhibits D2, H4 and H7 listing the expenses by the details as listed in your underlying data files. The Description is printed for each control code where there are amounts in these Exhibits. The other options - printing with items rolled up and by object and function remain. Remember when changing these options in the Report Data Screen, you must close that screen and click on the GASB 34 Exhibits menu option and select the report again so that the report data file can be reformed to be consistent with the option you have chosen.
01/04/2019 : This update corrects an error in the Create Entire PDF file routine and also an error in the Print All routine. The format for the TCDRS Schedule of Contributions for the Pension Plan has been revised to print only four years of data on one page only. There is also a correction in the Current Year/Prior Year queries so that items with negative variances and negative amounts in balance and prior year will be picked up correctly. Remember all previous changes are included in this update.
12/26/2018 : This update corrects the print routines for the RSI schedules for the Changes in Net Pension Liability for both TMRS and TCDRS schedules. There is also a correction in the Exhibit Information file changing the name for TCDRS to Texas County & District Retirement System.
12/17/2018 : This update corrects the print routines for Exhibit D-1. The headings for Restricted Assets - Current and for Payable from Restricted Assets were not printing correctly.
10/24/2018 : This update corrects the routine which Checks the Fund List against the funds in the trial balance file. Funds found in the trial balance file but NOT listed in in the fund list are added and fund on the fund list which are NOT found in the trial balance are removed from the fund list.
10/23/2018 : This update adds the print routine for the TMRS and TCDRS Changes in Total OPEB Liability which are required RSI schedules if the entity participates in one of these programs. Excel worksheets for the Fund to Government Wide entries for these two programs are also provided in the installation folder. There are also some minor corrections to the software.