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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 14

Update for RELEASE 13

Update for RELEASE 12

Update for RELEASE 11

Update for RELEASE 10

Update for RELEASE 9

Update for RELEASE 8

Update Notes for Release 14
12/11/2017 : This update changes the control code for Investment and Unrestricted Grants used in the data file for the Government Wide Statement of Activities. The new codes are 5300 for grants and 5600 for Investments. You may either edit you existing file and change the numbers for these items OR recreate the data file. We have also added the ability to print or make PDF files of the pension exhibits without an Exhibit No. Remember to edit the FY in the Individual Fund Statements you can click the headings menu option when printing and click on the button to change the fiscal year.
12/05/2017 : This update amends the budget comparison print routine so that the heading for Taxes does not print when you have only one tax item.
12/01/2017 : This update corrects an error in printing the combining schedule H1 which occurred if you have entered details for Due From the General Fund (13xx) or object code 2080 and 2081.
11/30/2017 : This is a CRITICAL update. With the last update there was an error in the code that created a problem when importing your crosswalk file from the prior year data files. The routine converting your function codes and object codes to the new codes for Release 14 did not work and your file would come in with no function and object codes assigned. This update corrects that problem. There was also a problem correctly printing the budget comparison schedules. That also has been fixed.
11/28/2017 : This update corrects an error in printing the second page of Exhibit H-1 when your first page has only three columns of fund data. The total liabilities and equities were being doubled.
11/22/2017 : In earlier versions of AUDIT-CITY Release 14, there was an error when creating the Report Information File in the Report Generator which entered the Fiscal Year as 2016 instead of 2017. This update corrects that. If you have already created the Report Information File you will need to change this Fiscal Year the next time you print an Exhibit in the Report Generator by selecting the HEADINGS option and clicking the button to Change the Fiscal Year.

The GASB68 Worksheet for TMRS is provided. The TMRS information and Completed worksheet for Abilene is also placed in your installation folder. The default location is C:\AUDCITY17.
11/18/2017 : This patch corrects an error when printing Exhibit B-1 which resulted from changes in the last update. There is also a change in the formatting of the second page of Exhibit B-1.
11/16/2017 : This patch corrects the print routines for the Budget Comparison reports. It also renames the columns for Exhibit G-6 - The Changes in Net Pension Liability - to show both the FY and the Plan Year (measurement year) in the column headings.
11/09/2017 : This update actually completes the changes necessary with the new 3-character function code in the GASB 34 Worksheets and in the Government Wide Statements. An error occurring when running the Check routine in the Fund List was also corrected as was an error printing the second page of the materiality planning report.