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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 15

Update for RELEASE 14

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Update Notes for Release 14
06/02/2019 : This update corrects the formatting of amounts in the Statements so that numbers with parentheses are lined up with numbers without parentheses.
03/28/2019 : This update corrects the routine importing enterprise fund data into the data file for the Statement of Net Position so that the amount for the landfill is NOT added to other long term debt.
03/27/2019 : This update corrects the page number printed on the second page of Exhibit C-4.
03/18/2019 : This update adds code 2570 for the proprietary funds to create a description and a long-term liability that will show as a separate line item on Exhibit A-1. The routine has also been revised to bring in the data for 2590 - OPEB liability from the enterprise funds to Exhibit A-1.
03/15/2019 : This update adds code allowing the user to add a code 2590 for the Net OPEB Liability. This MUST be added to the object code list by editing this list in the crosswalk file in the trial balance. Remember to say YES when asked if you wish to overwrite the various code tables.
02/01/2019 : This update corrects the Significant Object Report routine in the Trial Balance.
10/01/2018 : This update corrects the formatting in the last two columns which are for component units in the Exhibit B-1 report.
09/23/2018 : This update changes the routine for choosing to print the main categories for the function codes 100,200,300,400,500 and 600 for governmental funds. Previously you were allowed to identify 300 and 400 AND you could instruct the software NOT to print these headings so that only the items coded under these would print by entering DO NOT PRINT as the description.. Now you can do this with all of the main categories under Current Expenditures (100-600). There are also some minor changes to how some of the exhibits print with some unusual conditions.
09/05/2018 : This update corrects the routine importing data from Exhibit D-2 into the Government Wide Statement of Activities. The operating grants were added to miscellaneous revenues and were placed correctly in the grants column causing the change in net position to be incorrect.
09/04/2018 : This update corrects the routine importing data from the General Revenue Worksheet into the GW Statement of Activities. The code to import into in the Statement of Activities for Investment Earnings should be 5800 and the code for Grants and Contributions should be 5600 in the data file for the GW Statement of Activities.
08/30/2018 : This update corrects the print routine for the fund to government wide adjusting entries so that the column name for GASB 68 prints. There are also important revisions in the GASB 68 worksheets. The code for the net pension liability is 2580 and we have added an entry to record the beginning of the year amounts for net pension liability, the outflow and inflows to be posted in the GASB 68 column.
08/14/2018 : This update corrects an error preventing the amount for control code 2090 in the last column in the fund to government wide worksheet to be imported into the data file for Exhibit A-1.
07/16/2018 : This update corrects an error in posting from worksheets to the Statement of Activities. The recalculation routine was not working properly when importing from some of the worksheets and there was an error in how the information from the nonfiduciary component unit was imported.
06/28/2018 : This update adds code to the routines to print individual fund statements for governmental funds to prevent the printing of the general heading "General Government" for all functions beginning with a 1 for governmental funds when there is only ONE expenditure item in the file.
06/14/2018 : This update corrects an error when printing the cash flow statements for proprietary funds which occurred if there was no depreciation amount in the data file. There is also a correction to the Balance Sheet for cash basis reports.
06/03/2018 : This update corrects the individual fund statement routine which caused a table to stay open after selecting the routine in the balance sheet items option.
05/30/2018 : This update corrects the routine to create a PDF file for Exhibit B-1 for one of the print forms. It also adds a routine to replace items importing from the Fund to Government Wide worksheet into Exhibit B1 when the amount is equal to zero.
05/24/2018 : This update corrects the print routines for trial balance content so that there is a page break at each fund.
05/21/2018 : This update corrects one of the print routines for the trial balance content. The sum of all adjusting debit entries was not printing.
05/03/2018 : This update corrects the one of the print routines for Exhibit C-3. When there are too many line for the regular print routine, the compressed routine is called. This update corrects this routine so that if possible everything prints on one page.
03/14/2018 : This update corrects the print routines for Exhibit C-1. An error resulted from yesterday's update causing these statements to always split the routine with Assets and Deferred Resource Outflows on the first page and the rest of the statement on a second page. You may now indicate you wish to do that when you print or preview the statement but if you say that you want to print it all on one page, it will print correctly.
03/13/2018 : This update adds the ability to separate the Taxes Receivable, Net when importing data from the Fund to Government wide worksheet. You will be asked if you wish to combine it with the other receivables. If you say NO, it will be presented on row 1050 as Taxes Receivable, Net. The routine importing the data from the worksheet now keeps the detail for 1260 - Due from Other Governments. We have tweaked the print routine for Exhibit A-1 allowing a few more lines to be printed on the page. If it still runs over to the next page, you may tell it to print on two pages when printing. We also moved the items closer together in the Reconciliation statements so more can be printed on one page.
03/03/2018 : This update corrects a few more forms of Exhibit B-1 to remove unwanted colons. There is also a correction in the routine which creates the PDF files for the individual fund statements. On one of these forms, the PDF file was not created correctly and would therefore change fonts when inserted into the file created with all exhibits.
02/27/2018 : This update corrects from formatting issues on several of the statements, such as removing some unwanted colons, making the primary heading bold and the secondary heading not bold in Exhibit D-1, correcting the font in the title for the TMRS Schedule of Changes in Net Pension Liability, etc.
02/22/2018 : This update provides an Excel worksheet for the TCDRS GASB 68 adjustments. There is also an example file with the associated Example worksheet to assist you. These items will be placed in your installation folder.
02/21/2018 : This update cleans up the formatting on the Cash Flow Statements removing unwanted colons, etc. The print routine for Exhibit D-2 and the Related Cash Flow combining statements have been corrected so that the code 8953 (Bond Issuance Costs) is correctly included in these statements.
02/20/2018 : This update adds an option for you to choose if you wish to print the column heading "Business Type Activities" or "Governmental Activities" when printing the Proprietary Fund Statements where you have only ONE column of data. This allows you to remove this if you wish for special purpose government reports. You may still edit the remainder of the column heading using the HEADINGS option in the Report Data Screen.
02/17/2018 : This update corrects the print routine for the budget comparison for individual proprietary type funds so that the depreciation item prints correctly when the report is organized by function and then object.
02/16/2018 : This update corrects the formula for the reconciliation line AFXX amount in the cash flow statements when there are transactions that are not reflected in the ending cash balance on the balance sheet and when there is also a prior period adjustment. This is a follow up to the changes made in the update released on 2/15/2018.
02/15/2018 : This update corrects the drill down routine for expenses in proprietary funds. We have also added a code for a prior period adjustment in the cash flow statement for the proprietary funds. The code you should use is AE03. Enter your description for that item and your description will print on the exhibits.
02/09/2018 : This update changes the routine for editing the column heading in the budget comparison schedule for individual funds so that the heading can be blank except for the word "Actual" which appears at the very top of the column. This word cannot be edited. To edit the column heading click on the HEADINGS option in the Report Data Screen and navigate to the field named IFBudget. There are three text boxes displayed on the screen which can be edited. Be sure to click on the green arrow to save.
02/08/2018 : This update removes the word "Amounts" from the top line in the Budget Comparison Schedules for the GF and for the Individual Fund statements. Only "Actual" will appear at the top of that column. To edit the remaining items in that column heading go to the field GFBudget from the HEADINGS screen accessed with the HEADINGS menu option in the Report Data Screen. To edit the column heading for the Actual amounts in the budget comparison in the Individual Fund budgets, edit the IFBudget field. The font size for the individual fund budget comparison now matches that in the GF Budget Comparison.
02/02/2018 : This update corrects the formatting on Exhibit D-2 AND adds code to handle the printing by Function and then by object when object codes 6800 and/or 6900 are included in the file. Please remember the code for NON-Operating Transfers In is 7958. Do NOT use 7915.
02/01/2018 : This update corrects an error which occurred when printing Exhibit D-2 when there is only one column of data.
01/30/2018 : This update adds the question "Do you wish to print the Exhibit Number" for the individual Schedules in RSI related to pension. This allows you to print Exhibit Numbers on everything else while not printing them on these schedules. The print routine for the Schedule of Changes in Net Pension Liability now correctly includes the 2015 reporting year (the 2014 measurement year).
01/26/2018 : This update adds two NEW menu options in the EDIT menu in the crosswalk file to Backup the Crosswalk file and to Restore the Backed Up Crosswalk file. There is also a REVISED TMRS GASB 68 worksheet which is placed in the folder where you application is installed.
01/25/2018 : This update corrects the routine importing data from the enterprise fund Exhibit D-1 into the Government Wide Statement of Net Position so that the itemized codes for 258x are NOT rolled into 2400 - Liabilities payable from restricted assets. If you wish these "Refundable deposits from customers", etc. to report as 2400, you will need to code them with the 24xx codes rather than the 2585, etc.
01/18/2018 : This update corrects the routine importing adopted budget data into the Adopted Budget Data files in the Report Generator and the routine importing trial balance data into the Actual on the Budget Basis data files in the report generator. The routine for viewing the current chart of accounts has also been fixed.
01/17/2018 : This update corrects the Materiality Planning report so that it works even if there is no GF. The individual budget statements for proprietary type funds have all been modified to allow the user to determine when printing if the presentation should or should not roll up the function level data to the overall categories - i.e. to 010, 020, etc.
01/13/2018 : This update corrects the routine which imports data from the non-fiduciary component unit data file into the data file for the GW Statement of Activities. The routine importing data from the adopted budget file in trial balance into the report generator files has also been corrected. A routine was added to the print routine for Exhibit C1 so that the total "Liabilities plus Equities" amount is correct even if there are no liabilities and no Deferred Inflows.
12/26/2017 : This update makes a critical change to the routine for printing Exhibit D-2 for proprietary funds. To implement this change you MUST go to the Crosswalk file and say YES to recreate the code lists when you exit the crosswalk. Then go to the Report Generator and RECREATE your proprietary fund files - Enterprise funds and Internal service funds. This will change the control code to show the first two characters of the object code and the last two characters of the function code. This will allow the choice of printing this exhibit by object and function. You will have to reimport the data from the trial balance file after you have recreated the file. There is also a change to the way payables are imported into the government wide statement. We previously rolled all of these up to one payable account. They now reflect the detail you have entered in the fund to government wide worksheet and Exhibit D-1.
12/18/2017 : This update adds an option to roll up or not roll up to the primary function level when printing the Individual Fund Statements for a governmental fund. There is also a correction to the routine importing data from the enterprise fund statement of net assets so that the net pension liability imports correctly into the data file for Exhibit A-1.
12/11/2017 : This update changes the control code for Investment and Unrestricted Grants used in the data file for the Government Wide Statement of Activities. The new codes are 5300 for grants and 5600 for Investments. You may either edit you existing file and change the numbers for these items OR recreate the data file. We have also added the ability to print or make PDF files of the pension exhibits without an Exhibit No. Remember to edit the FY in the Individual Fund Statements you can click the headings menu option when printing and click on the button to change the fiscal year.
12/05/2017 : This update amends the budget comparison print routine so that the heading for Taxes does not print when you have only one tax item.
12/01/2017 : This update corrects an error in printing the combining schedule H1 which occurred if you have entered details for Due From the General Fund (13xx) or object code 2080 and 2081.
11/30/2017 : This is a CRITICAL update. With the last update there was an error in the code that created a problem when importing your crosswalk file from the prior year data files. The routine converting your function codes and object codes to the new codes for Release 14 did not work and your file would come in with no function and object codes assigned. This update corrects that problem. There was also a problem correctly printing the budget comparison schedules. That also has been fixed.
11/28/2017 : This update corrects an error in printing the second page of Exhibit H-1 when your first page has only three columns of fund data. The total liabilities and equities were being doubled.
11/22/2017 : In earlier versions of AUDIT-CITY Release 14, there was an error when creating the Report Information File in the Report Generator which entered the Fiscal Year as 2016 instead of 2017. This update corrects that. If you have already created the Report Information File you will need to change this Fiscal Year the next time you print an Exhibit in the Report Generator by selecting the HEADINGS option and clicking the button to Change the Fiscal Year.

The GASB68 Worksheet for TMRS is provided. The TMRS information and Completed worksheet for Abilene is also placed in your installation folder. The default location is C:\AUDCITY17.
11/18/2017 : This patch corrects an error when printing Exhibit B-1 which resulted from changes in the last update. There is also a change in the formatting of the second page of Exhibit B-1.
11/16/2017 : This patch corrects the print routines for the Budget Comparison reports. It also renames the columns for Exhibit G-6 - The Changes in Net Pension Liability - to show both the FY and the Plan Year (measurement year) in the column headings.
11/09/2017 : This update actually completes the changes necessary with the new 3-character function code in the GASB 34 Worksheets and in the Government Wide Statements. An error occurring when running the Check routine in the Fund List was also corrected as was an error printing the second page of the materiality planning report.