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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

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Update for RELEASE 13

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Update Notes for Release 13
10/09/2017 : This update corrects one of the routines creating the PDF file for Exhibit B-1.
08/15/2017 : This update removes the reference to Business Activities on the Proprietary Fund Exhibits print routines when there is ONLY ONE enterprise fund.
06/02/2017 : This update adds the Significant Object Report to the Reports menu option in the Trial Balance program.
05/17/2017 : This update corrects the first report for the Trial Balance Content so that the Beginning Balance amount prints correctly.
03/06/2017 : This update modifies the report for Exhibit A-1 which includes the three columns for the primary government and one column for a component unit. We have revised this so that more rows of data can print on one page.
02/25/2017 : This update corrects the routine to check for client account codes in the prior year data file and in the crosswalk file. There is also a correction in the Report Generator so that the "Correct Rounding" button does not appear when you are working on a data file where this routine does not work.
02/24/2017 : This update adds a routine to import from your prior year AUDIT CITY files the information from last year for the RSI Schedules related to TMRS and TCDRS pensions.
02/22/2017 : This update corrects the formulae in the GASB 68 Worksheet for TMRS to separate the amortized outflows and amortized inflows correctly. The Example worksheet for Abilene is also corrected.
02/16/2017 : This update corrects the formatting on one of the forms for Exhibit C-3. The headings for Taxes, Current Expenditures, etc. were being cut off at the bottom.
02/11/2017 : This update corrects the reference to the measurement date in the footnote to the RSI Exhibit for the Schedule of Contributions for both TMRS and TCDRS.
01/29/2017 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibit D-2 and the Combining Statement for Proprietary Funds so that the reconciliation section for the "look back" pricing showing the impact of allocating some of the ISF net profit or loss to the business activities prints correctly. There is also a new worksheet for GASB 68 for the data provided by TCMRS and some examples for that provided in the installation folder for AUDIT-CITY.
01/24/2017 : This update corrects the calculation of the check row 9900 in the Enterprise Fund/Internal Service Fund Consolidation Worksheet for the government wide statements.
12/31/2016 : This update adds the ability to enter only one item for taxes rather than itemizing the different types. When there is only one item in the 5110 control code in the governmental funds, the heading TAXES will not print and you can edit the description in the Revenues and Expenditures by Function data file to read Taxes. This will align with the other revenues in C-3. If you want to have only one tax item on B-1, in the fund to government wide worksheet adjust the taxes in 5110 to 5010 and do the appropriate adjustments to that code. Only one item will print for Taxes in B1. You will need to edit the description in that data file for code 5010.
12/21/2016 : This update corrects the print routine for the Schedule of Contributions for the pension as presented in RSI. One form of this routine eliminated the double underline. The double underline now prints correctly on all versions of this exhibit.
12/06/2016 : This update corrects the routine on the fund list screen to CHECK fund numbers found in the trial balance file with those on the fund list. There is also a correction to the TB content reports so that the reports include only the Filtered data set as set in the Trial Balance File.
11/13/2016 : This update corrects the options to change the view in the trial balance using Control A or Control B. The print routine for the Schedule of Changes in Net Pension Liability has been corrected so that the second column of information prints and the amount is calculated correctly. We have added the ability to present more than 2 years data in the RSI Schedule of Contributions. The revised notes related to pension have been updated consistent with the TMRS example.
11/01/2016 : This update corrects an error which occurred when importing the account number, name and EdMIS codes from the Crosswalk into the Trial Balance file.