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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 15

Update for RELEASE 14

Update for RELEASE 13

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Update for RELEASE 11

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Update for RELEASE 8

Update Notes for Release 11
03/22/2017 : This update modifies the print routines for Exhibit A-1, Exhibit C-2 and Exhibit C-4 allowing more rows of data per page. PLEASE NOTE that the font size on Exhibit A-1 has been reduced to accommodate this change.
07/06/2016 : This update corrects an error on Exhibit H-9 causing an incorrect beginning fiscal year when the fiscal year is January 1 - December 31 of the same year.
03/06/2015 : This update corrects an error you may be getting regarding a "duplicate index key in your PriorTB file". The FY code in the prior year data table had to be changed to be the same as in your current year crosswalk code. If you created your prior year file or imported the data before this change was made, this error would occur. After installing this update, go to the Trial Balance and click on the Create, Enter or Edit Prior Year data option in the Prior Year Menu. This will correct these FY numbers in your Prior Year TB file.
03/04/2015 : This update adds a routine to add account numbers and EdMIS codes to the crosswalk when there is an account in the prior year trial balance being imported which is NOT in the crosswalk file.
02/24/2015 : This update adds a print routine for Exhibit B-1 which omits the column on Operating grants if these are zero but does print the column for Capital Grants if they are greater than zero. This is a one page report assuming there are no Enterprise Funds and no Component Units.
02/11/2015 : This update makes corrects an error from the previous change in the routine editing accounts in the trial balance with changes made in the crosswalk file. The error occurred if you have no adopted budget or prior year data file.
02/07/2015 : This update makes a small correction to the update of 2/6. Please read the description of that change below.
02/06/2015 : This update adds some routines to check and correct for duplicate client account codes in the trial balance file. There is also a routine to check for duplicate EdMIS codes created when editing the crosswalk file when two codes are edited but one is given the previous code of the other. If the code to be changed first is the same as the previous code on the account to be changed next, an error was created in the TB file. We now trap and change these in order so the duplicate error will not occur.
01/25/2015 : This update adds a routine to print Exhibit C-1 correctly in the special case where there are no liabilities - only Deferred Resource Inflows and Equities in the bottom section of the Exhibit.
01/23/2015 : This update adds a routine that edits the prior year trial balance when there are more records in that file than in the crosswalk.
01/13/2015 : This update corrects an error that occurred when trying to update records in the trial balance file from the crosswalk file when those changes are already in the prior year trial balance. You would receive an error that there was a problem with a duplicate key in the Prior Year TB file and then not be able to close the crosswalk file. We have also decreased the row count necessary to move the print routine for Exhibit C-3 to the compressed mode.
12/04/2014 : This update corrects the description for the Beginning Net Position for control code 9110 in the Data File for Exhibit B-1. If you have already created this, you will need to edit the description for 9110 in that file. The line above the fund numbers for Exhibit H1 now extends across the page for the first page of that report as it does for all remaining pages.
10/31/2014 : This update changes the routine for printing lead sheets to a PDF file so that the Preview Screen remains open and on top. Remember to close this screen after the report has been printed.
10/29/2014 : This update adds fund = 000 and object = 0000 when checking for accounts in the crosswalk where the EdMIS codes have not been assigned.
09/17/2014 : This update corrects an error which occurred when checking for duplicate EdMIS codes in the crosswalk file. There was also an error causing the software to not respond when closing the crosswalk file. THIS IS A IMPORTANT update.