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These updates do not upgrade previous versions to a newer release. The Release number of your software is located in the About under Help tab on the toolbar in the software.

* The current Update file includes all fixes listed under Update Notes.

Update for RELEASE 15

Update for RELEASE 14

Update for RELEASE 13

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Update for RELEASE 10

Update for RELEASE 9

Update for RELEASE 8

Update Notes for Release 10
01/25/2015 : This update adds a routine to print Exhibit C-1 correctly in the special case where there are no liabilities - only Deferred Resource Inflows and Equities in the bottom section of the Exhibit.
08/04/2014 : This update corrects an error which occurred when restoring a backed up adjustments file and reposting the adjusting entries. The routine is now much faster and does not add accounts with 000 in the fund to the trial balance.
07/22/2014 : This update corrects the print routine for Exhibit C-1 and Exhibit H-1 for printing Cash Basis Financial Statements.
03/06/2014 : This update corrects an error which occurred when printing the entire financial statement from the menu in the Report Generator.
02/02/2014 : This update corrects an error which sometimes occurs in printing Exhibit E-1. The wording for the Total Cash Provided by (Used For) Operations would not correctly edit in some instances.
01/23/2014 : This update corrects an error causing the GB6 file to not close after printing Exhibit D-2. If you try to print it again, the error that GB6 cannot be accessed appeared. The code for Due To A Component Unit has been added to the data files and the import routine for the proprietary funds.
01/16/2014 : This update corrects an underline in Exhibit D-1 when Deferred Resource Inflows are included in the file. The wording for the reference to the notes as been edited on statements to read "The notes to the financial statements are an integral part of this statement."
01/09/2014 : This update changes the description for "Total Deferred Inflows of Resources" and "Total Deferred Outflows of Resources" for all print forms.
01/01/2014 : This update corrects an error which occurred when restoring a backed up adjustments file in the trial balance. The error message you received was that Table Adj12 does not exist.
12/26/2013 : This update allows more space for the label for Total Liabilities, Deferred Resource Inflows, and Fund Balances on pages after the first page on Exhibit H-1.
12/22/2013 : This update corrects the labels for the Change in Net Position on one form of the individual fund statement budget comparison for proprietary funds.
12/13/2013 : This update corrects the labels for the Change in Net Position on one form of Exhibit B-1 and corrects the headings for FUND BALANCE for the single column form for Exhibit C-1.
12/09/2013 : This update corrects the labels for Net Position for the Individual Fund Statement Budget Comparisons for Proprietary Funds.
11/25/2013 : This update corrects an error which occurs when importing your trial balance from prior year AUDIT-CITY files.
11/24/2013 : This update corrects an error in printing Exhibit H-1 when there are NO liabilities in the file.
11/16/2013 : This update corrects an error which occurs when running the CHECK on the Fund List Edit screen.
10/29/2013 : This update corrects the query obtaining the unadjusted accounts from the Trial Balance file to be displayed and available for editing when you select the option to Edit Unadjusted Accounts or Enter Account balances from the Trial Balance menu.
10/24/2013 : This update corrects an error you are getting when trying to open the crosswalk file. Remember you should import the crosswalk from your prior year data files before you try to import data into the trial balance.